Lifa HepaClean 2500

  • Filter unit for suction for medium-heavy work
  • for the cleaning of asbestos, mold, building rubble, quartz, and wood flour dust in the air


Lifa filter unit

  • The machines are used for selective extraction and filtration of dust whirled in cleaning.

Lifa Special Cleaner 20 PE

    • Lifa Special Cleaner 20PE is an electrically powered cleaning machine
    • determined for canal sizes from 70 mm 600 mm, rectangular or round

Lifa CombiClean 40

  • Lifa CombiClean is a pneumatic cleaning machine with which it is possible to disinfect plant components via built-in fan nozzle

Lifa Special Cleaner 2

  • Lifa Special Cleaner 20PE is a electric cleaning machine for smaller objects
  • determined for canal sizes from 70 mm 400 mm, rectangular or round


Lifa AirJet Combi 20

  • Lifa AirJet Combi 20 is a pneumatic Mehrzweckmaschinefür the spraying of chemicals in different canals, tubes or cavities.
  • determined for canal sizes and tubes from 50 mm


 VDE tester GMC Profimaster

  • The device can carry out all of the effectiveness of protective measures in electrical systems, as they are required in VDE 0100 part 600 and defined in the individual sections of VDE 0413.
  • Testing of residual current devices (RCDs)
  • Loop and line impedance measurement
  • Voltage drop measurement

VDE-Prüfgerät GMC ProfiMaster

testo thermal imaging camera

  • mechanical Predictive Maintenance Checks
  • electrical Surveying and Inspections
  • monitoring Thermal Processes to Improve Energy Efficiency
  • structural and Building Assessments
  • quality Assurance Spot Checks
  • monitoring Vessel Fill Levels
  • avoid Downtime and Cut Costs

testo Wärmebildkamera

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